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By buying these pieces you support an organisation teaching school kids to understand and use AI.


This is a processual work of art, a research in the topic of AI.


The main theme of this project is “Computer and Jewellery” for a show of the same name, exhibiting contemporary art jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou, the famous city of glassmaking. The current archetype of both topics is beyond matter – now more than ever – bearing all the moral, social and technical pros and cons – the real computer IS Artificial Intelligence and the ART is... ?


By an interactive display I take the viewer through the process of discovering various artificial tools, experiencing both advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon. All the way there will be a lot of unpleasant questions and dark mood but everything will end up with a positive solution!





The jewel originates at the very beginning of mankind, as a material object and a strong symbol, crafted with the help of physics, primitive yet technically sophisticated tools, skilled human hands and most importantly, with the depth of the mind and soul of a human being. A jewel is as intimate and spiritual as an object can be… I feel the need to wear jewels is almost essential to human nature.


AI, the Artificial Intelligence, standing on the other side of human time, represents the spirit of today and for sure the future. AI, as a result of ages of imagination, incredible hard work, and resilience, is a tool that clearly showcases its enormous potential… 


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