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Yes, there is clearly a dark side to AI… I feel the philosophical, moral and social challenges are too much for today's fragmented global world, dealing with other serious problems of primary existential importance. The issues I also take into account are the lack of good education and critical thinking; sadly, enough inclination to trust disinformation is a global standard today. Poor education leads to misunderstanding the abstract AI as an entirely technical tool, lack of information on “how it works” can cause the masses to see it more human. There are a lot of thoughts, stories or movies in popular culture throughout all times, referring to AI or robots in different ways (as an example I can mention the RUR theatre piece by Karel Čapek, a Czech writer, who first coined the word “robot”). And very few of these stories have a happy ending… mostly NONE. Can we do better?


From the beginning, the archetype of AI reminds me of the story of Prometheus and his gift to humans - the Fire. AI is clearly the Fire here. A perfect and powerful tool while controlled with precision, humility, and strong morals, but very dangerous if handled inaccurately or used with malicious intent. For the act of giving people fire, Prometheus was punished - captured and bound with a chain in the mountains of the Caucasus…


The Chatbot finally suggested a concept which could also work technically all the way to the physical piece, and coincidentally this design was a RING, it called it “Fractal Infinity” (working with the principles of Mandelbrot's fractal). I felt there is a narrative connection with one of the first jewels ever mentioned in historical sources - the ring Prometheus received as a reminder of his punishment - a segment of the chain he was bound with and a stone from the mountain he was bound to, embedded in the metal part…

So both the old and new symbols, the archetypes of computer and jewellery came full circle. And this piece, the RING, should be a symbolic contract to ourselves, as representatives of mankind, to be very responsible in handling the topic of AI.

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