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Honestly, the technical aspect of AI as a tool is really incredible and I can imagine using it very frequently while making almost anything, both as a professional or in my daily life! It helps to fasten and optimise the working processes in any area which needs logic and systematic work. It has the ability to learn which I also had the opportunity to try in this project - learn and apply - what other tool can do that? But still, the experience of working with it makes me question its psychosocial nature. As it's made by humans, it is up to us and no one else to show the AIs its borders. We can already read or hear a lot of different thoughts, analysis, concepts in a positive tone, but even fears coming from experts… Should AI calculate and solve serious technical issues? Should it help with data analysis? Should it help us to solve hard logical questions, describe and show in detail all the options and possibilities of some issue? Should it help with research? Or as hypothetically the most objective entity in the world should the AI control the politics or economy of countries, or should it decide in court litigations? Should it easily generate visuals or descriptions of situations which never happened? Should it even help generate porn, worse – porn with subjects that are now illegal to produce?

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