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During the process, the AIs surprised me with their complexity, yet they are very limited in some areas. I noticed all the AI results (concept, design, visuals, etc.) are essentially very much mainstream. Pure kitsch.
I understand that subjective taste is individual and AI certainly performed perfectly in logical patterns with all the symbolics and physical appearance of the suggested pieces, but still, the Chatbot composed a lot of almost romantic conceptual compositions on “Computer and Jewellery” – almost as sweet as a kiss at sunset at the end of a bad movie…for example, things called “Digital Bloom”, “Binary blossom”, “Digital fusion” were very ornamental, delicate and sweet, both in concept and picture.
It seems clear that AIs, when entirely in charge, work with mainstream information and therefore satisfy the taste of the masses offering no challenge to the audience at all. Regrettably, AI can contribute to the worst aspects of pop-culture and deepen its superficiality. With the simplicity of sharing information, the audience becomes lazier and easily satisfied - the path to societal dementia on a global scale is now quicker than it ever was.

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